Jumat, 04 November 2011


      She screamed at loud from the bathroom. I knew what had happened., cuase I had a tought about it. One friend ran to see her. I heard her sobbed. Tears fell from her eyes but she hid it over friend shoulder. Woman, it`s your destiny to get pregnant the give a birth. But it was different. She was still single and never got married before.  Then, how she made that pregnant test turned positive?
      Annie, that was her name. she was pretty, beautiful, she had long hair about her waist in brown colour. Her figure was small, and she kind of quiet. She was my dream girl. I adored her since the first time I met her. She was work as a therapist and I work as a cashier in this company. An exclusive spa with a high rank service which you would never find in any place  around.  Pretty girls, cozy place, great view. You all men would feel like in cloud #9 if you were a costumer. And there wasn’t Annie herself, almost girl in this spa were beautiful.  Just like angels in heaven. I felt like in heaven as well, and would rather to work 24 hours if they allow me. But there was only Annie who touch my heart. Made me shiver ,made me blind. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t know the answer too.
      Still with her eyes full of tears,  Annie came with her one of the best friend here, Silvia. They went to one of our massage room. I saw her face very pale. I heard them whispered and annie went cry again. Silvia seemed try to comfort her. It was morning time, my manager hadn’t come yet. I was sure next step annie would ask for permission to go home. After  I wouldn’t   know. What I wish was that she cry over my shoulder, get close to her, hold her, comfort her. But Annie never knew I exist. It was only in the morning time when we met and say ’good morning’  but she didn’t look at me. I wanted her to look at me once.
      Reservation at 9 am, five costumers from japan had arrived. Annie and silvia soon got out from the room and ready to handle the costumers. It was three hours treatment , I brought them to their room and called the other girl in the back. Silvia said to me that Annie might not be able to handle the costumer  but I pretended not know what happened to her. At last, Annie had to handle that costumer for next three hours.
      I hated this feeling.  I cared about her, but she didn’t aware that I care. I was a coward for not let her know how I feel for her.  Beside, she already had a boyfriend. I knew it because he always  pick her up when her work time finished. A big strong man, he had tattoo all over his arm maybe his body as well.  And now I want to know if he really a man, who dare to take responsible for the seed he put in her womb. I hope so, then it will made him a real man with responsible.
      Three hours passed, manager had arrived, and I saw annie took her stuff in her bag. She changed her uniform and ready to go home.  Finally she decided to go home. Silvia escorted her to the front door and I heard her whispered over Annie’s ear,” calm down we figure out the way to solve this,” and annie just nodded. I saw her small figure vanished behind the door, and I felt hurt. It supposed to be me who had the sympathy, made her strong, cheer her. No need to hold her, to make her smile again I dare to be a clown. But I still a coward who lack of courage.  I daydreamed on from of the computer, my manager shook me and realized it was working time. and I called it a day at 5, went home wth Annie playing around inside my mind. She was everywhere. I crazy about her. She made me crazy.
      Back to my small room. Turned the tv and took my dinner.  My phone ringing.it was Silvia calling.
‘’halo Silvia,what’s up?’’ I said over the phone while I drank a glass of water.
‘’sorry,it’s Annie speaking. Not Silvia,’’ I choked to hear that. I almost vomited what I had eat because of that.
‘’hey…!!!’’ I said while still struggled to sound like it was nothing happen. Then I continued,
‘’I thought you were Silvia. What a surprise,’’
‘’yea, I call over Silvia’s phone cause I don’t have your number. Are you free this night?’’
‘’what do you mean?’’
‘’I would like to ask you a favor. If you don’t mind,’’ I sat silent. Then she said again,
‘’alright, you maybe busy tonight. Thank’s for your time,’’
‘’wait…wait. Yea, I mean no, I don’t mind. What is it?’’
‘’come over Silvia’s house. We can speak about it here,’’
‘’alright, 30 minutes,’’ she hung up. I grabbed my shirt and jeans, wore it. Put on helmet and went to Silvia’s house. I was so happy to know that annie aware about me. I was wrong, she never take me for granted. I coming darling, wait for me.
      Less than 30 minutes I arrived at Silvia’s. I saw them sit down and having a chat. Silvia smiled at me so do annie.
‘’how fast you are, thought you will arrive next hour,’’ Silvia said.
‘’hahaha, it’s nothing,’’I said.
‘’come in,we talk inside,’’ I followed her inside. Annie sat in front of me.  And we had this conversation.
‘’we need your help,’’
‘’what help?’’
‘’can you keep a secret?’’
‘’sure, you can count on me,’’
‘’ok, keep this silent. Annie is pregnant. Sow e figure out to let go the baby,’’
‘’do you mean abortion?’’
‘’exactly, that’s why we need your help,’’
‘’but why you want to let it go? It’s a crime. And it may not be save too,’’
‘’listen, I know doctor who can do it, please, we don’t need lecture now. We know it’s bad but Annie don’t want this baby now,’’
‘’then when?’’
‘’after she got married of course,’’
‘’then get married, that’s better,’’
‘’her boyfriend is not ready. Come on, Eddy ! we don’t need a lecture now,’’ I stay silent. Fuck!, I always disagree about it. I hate when I heard news from the tv or paper said that had been found a death new born child in the river, in the garbage, in the toilet, everywhere. Did this baby made a crime to born this way? I always cursed every mum, every doctor, every man who committed abortion. Now I had to be the part of this crime? I saw Annie stand up and said,
‘’it’s alright, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want it. I made mistake to summon you here…’’ I shocked a hell out. She mad at me. What do I do now.  First counter with her and this was what I got. Then Silvia came approach me. She was like,
‘’we pay you as soon as it all done,ok? Just assume that we hire you as a part time husband. Until the abortion done. How about that?’’ I couldn’t say no. I just nodded. I went to bathroom, vomited, it hurted my soul . then I came back and Annie ready. She handed me the address then we went to the place written there.
      We arrived there in 45 minutes.  I saw three couples sat their back on the couch available. I knew they were married cause they seemed to be pregnant for 4 to 7 months according to the lady’s stomach. But,us. I felt like they undressed us, undressed me by their stare.  But for Annie sake, I got to through it all. At least that what I can do for now.
     Our turn. I pretend as Annie,s husband. Told the doctor that we were too early for having a baby. we were working so no chance for us to carry baby for now. The doctor pay time for thinking. He then agreed to do the procedure with high price. No problem for Annie, she already prepared. 3,5 million in exchanged of abortion. We were await again until last patient done. At 9 pm, the procedure started. I wait for around 30 minutes and it all done. I saw her face very pale. As white as damned angel. No, she wasn’t an angel now. She was devil in disguise.

      I didn’t know what had happened to me. I was lost. I didn’t bring her to her house or silvia’s house. I asked her to come with me. Yea, come with me to the place where I used to spend the night when I feel depress. To the cliff. It located only 25 minutes from where we were. She looked so weak but she said yes. And we arrived there. We sat together side by side. My vision soared around the ocean on front of me. Annie didn’t say a thing. She looked so weak so she just did what I told. I wanted to say a thing to her so I got closer. I whispered on her ear,’’I love you,’’ just like that. Annie looked shock about it, as I expected. Then I put my right hand on her mouth, fall her down, pressed her so hard. I didn’t let her breathe at all. My left hand grabbed a thing behind my pant. A knife which I took from silvia’s kichen when I go to the toilet back there.  Then I stabbed her, 3, 4 times. She tried to scream but my hand so strong  hold her mouth shut. She dropped tears, tried so hard to free her self but she failed. She didn’t move. She died. Yea, die you bitch. You deserved this. You kill your own baby. now  your baby made it revenged.  I love you but you didn’t even love your baby.  Murderer.
I was run out of time. I carried Annie’s dead body. I went to the tip of the hill. Looked down, many rocks down there. I couldn’t think no more but said
Annie I love you
Then we jumped down. 


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  1. ya ampun, dia pake bahasa inggris .
    butuh konsentrasi ..

  2. I think its gonna be a romantic short stories. but the story is beyond my expectations. its surprising. from the beginning I imagined it as a drama, i think the character 'I' will be married to annie, but that character have a psychopathic's desire. two thumbs up for this short story. sufficiently detailed depiction of the narrative. dialogue flowed smoothly. this is very impressive. u must try to send another english story to jakarta pos or somethin'.

  3. haha...Odi pertamanya. makasie udah komen....
    ini permintaan kang saman thu pake english, ya coba2 ajah. thx udah berkunjung.

  4. hmmm.... siap2 buka gugel terjemah nih :P

  5. @samandayu : thank you very much for the comment. i really appreciate this. as you requested, i wrote it in english but i guess i still need to learn aboout grammar little bit more and i try to make another story which in english.
    i'll try to send it my best one when it ready...
    thank you so very much

  6. I am amaze :O I really didn't expect the end of story. he killed her even he love her, because he hated that abortion. but why he agreed and helped her out anyway if he hates that :-/

    for the consequences, he killed her and suicide to take a redemption. Death for a salvation isn't it :-?

    a hopeless personalities for this character, I think

  7. @Miawruu: yea,he was so hopeless because either way, he wouldn't get her love. so, he had this short decision back in the bathroom. thank you for reading and comment, i really appreciate it...